Teeth whitening is a process designed to remove stains caused by certain foods, drinks, smoking and/or aging. Whether you want immediate whitening or gradual whitening, our dental clinic in Ottawa offers a variety of safe, affordable and effective teeth whitening solutions to serve you best. We provide the most revolutionary teeth whitening systems on the dental market to help you love your smile again.

Treatment Process

Step 1:  At your initial consultation, Dr. McAllister and her team of expert professional dentists in Ottawa will collaborate with you to determine the perfect treatment option for you based on your lifestyle, needs and preferences.

Step 2: At your second appointment, our expert dental team in Ottawa will inform and educate you on the treatment option that has been selected, providing detailed instructions for at home care and follow up appointments.

Step 3: We recommend scheduling a follow up appointment every six months to review your treatment option, ask any lingering questions, and ascertain that your teeth look and feel bright and brilliant.


  • Long term whitening of teeth enhances your smile from the inside out.
  • Easy, affordable and effective teeth whitening procedures.
  • Increased confidence and brighter smile.
  • Long term correction of tooth discolouration.


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