Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are intra-oral devices designed to help protect the mouth and prevent dental injuries, broken jaws, broken teeth, neck injuries and concussions. Over five million teeth are lost every year in sporting activities, and the use of a mouth guard is essential to preventing these injuries. Mouth guards are encouraged for use during sports (sports guards) or for those suffering from TMJ disorders such as teeth grinding.

Treatment Process

Step 1: At your preliminary visit with Dr. McAllister and her dental team in Ottawa, you will be assessed and interviewed regarding your need for a mouth guard, and the best type of mouth guard for you based on your particular situation. We offer pre-formed, stock mouth guards, “boil and bite” mouth guards that can take a closer form to your mouth, and the preferred custom-fitted mouth guards, which are designed to perfectly match your mouth.

Step 2: Once you and your dentist have determined the ideal mouth guard, our team will complete the ordering and/or manufacturing process. For custom-fit mouth guards, our dental professionals will craft a detailed mold of your mouth and teeth, personalizing a perfectly fitted mouth guard for you.

Step 3: A follow up appointment will be necessary to apply the sport guard or custom fitted mouth guard. Most mouth guards will last a few years, depending on each individual.


  • Overcome headaches, sore jaw and tooth pain caused by grinding your teeth.
  • Increase sleep and rest with daily and nightly mouth guard support.
  • Protect you and your children’s teeth from potential dental injuries during sports with a sport guard.
  • Custom fit mouth guards are incredibly durable, protective and powerful at relieving jaw tension.


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