Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dental services include rebuilding and reinforcing teeth with crowns/porcelain fillings, full mouth reconstruction, dental bridges or white fillings. Find balance, comfort and beauty in your smile with our dynamic and comprehensive restorative dentistry services.

Treatment Process

Step 1: At your consultation with our dental care team in Ottawa, we will listen to your needs, educate you on your options, and determine the ideal treatment for you.

Step 2: Your second appointment will include the actual restorative dentistry solution that has been determined during your comprehensive consultation. Your specific treatment protocol will be determined by the procedure selected, differing for crowns/porcelain fillings, full mouth reconstruction, dental bridges, implants, laser gum treatment and white fillings.

Step 3: We always encourage a follow up appointment within six months of your treatment to ensure you are completely and totally satisfied with your new smile.


  • Achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.
  • Resolve missing teeth, sunken cheeks, puckered lips and jaw pain.
  • Defeat TMJ, headaches and facial discomfort


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