Dentures are the tried and true dental solution for replacing missing teeth. Dentures both look and feel natural while enhancing overall oral health.

Treatment Process

Step 1: At your initial assessment at our dental clinic in Ottawa, our team will closely assess and evaluate the health of your mouth and teeth, working compassionately with you to determine the perfect solution for your missing teeth. Ultimately, we will recommend the ideal type of dentures for your specific case – from full dentures, to partial dentures, to implant-supported dentures.

Step 2: When the type of dentures suitable to your teeth (and your lifestyle) is established, we will take 3-D imaging and impressions of your mouth and teeth to mold a perfectly fitted denture. At your appointment, our team of dental experts in Ottawa will educate you on how to best care for and use your dentures.

Step 3: After six months, you will be invited back to our clinic in Ottawa to ensure that you are happy with your dentures and resolve any issues or questions that you may have.


  • Aesthetically appealing smile, normal and full facial appearance.
  • Restore proper and normal chewing and thus, nutrition and diet.
  • Resolve TMJ disorder, jaw pain, headaches and other related issues.

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