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Meet Dr. McAllister

Dr. McAllister is an accomplished dentist serving the Ottawa region.

She is proud to provide a friendly, knowledgeable and professional dental office in Ottawa.

Our Philosophy

We offer the best possible dental care to every patient that walks through our doors. Through honesty, integrity and customized treatment plans for you and your family, we guarantee friendly service, impeccable oral health treatment, and compassionate care.

State of the Art Dental Clinic

Dental technology is ever-changing and constantly evolving. We do our best to stay relevant to the needs of our patients using advanced technology that helps us better diagnose and treat oral conditions and diseases


Each aligner set is designed to be used for two week period, gradually realigning your teeth


Teeth whitening is a process designed to remove stains caused by certain foods


Dentures are the tried and true dental solution for replacing missing teeth

Oral Hygiene

We emphasize oral health through prevention, regular check-ups, and daily oral hygiene

General Dentistry

Our general family dentistry provides the highest quality of dental care in Ottawa

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular way to replace one or more missing teeth


Sedation dentistry is the ideal solution for anyone experiencing dental anxiety

Root Canal

Root canal therapy involves the complete removal of injured, infected or dead

Quality Dental Care

Contact Us Today

Dr. McAllister’s office is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 8:00am-5:00pm, Thursday from 11:00 am-7:00 pm, Fridays and Saturdays by Appointment. We recommend booking your schedule in advance but will always do our best to accommodate last minute appointments as well. Our goal is to ensure minimal wait time for your appointment.


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