Oral Hygiene

We emphasize oral health through prevention, regular check-ups, and daily oral hygiene routines as the primary defense against teeth, gum and jaw issues. Our team is happy to answer any and all questions you and your family may have about how to best care for your oral health.

Treatment Process

Book your first initial appointment with our team to learn about the best oral health strategy for you and your family. At McAllister Dentistry, you can openly and honestly discuss your dental concerns, needs and expectations. Your first appointment includes a full evaluation of your current oral health, including X-rays, and recommendations for further care and treatment

Our dental clinic in Ottawa can pre-schedule you for biannual checkups every six months, which include comprehensive exams, cleanings and preventative health care.

Should your tooth care require more advanced servicing, we are happy to pre-book your appointment or, if necessary, provide referrals to specialists as needed.


  • Prevent cavities and plaque build-on teeth
  • Brighten your smile and freshens your breath
  • Improve your overall oral health while saving money in the long run
  • Prevent tooth loss, gum disease and jaw pain


Are you ready to take control of your oral hygiene? Contact our team to set up your initial appointment today!

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