Sedation dentistry is the ideal solution for anyone experiencing dental fear or dental anxiety prior to and during their appointments. If you are anxious about your visit to the dentist, our sedation dentistry options here in Ottawa will put your mind at ease so that you can compassionately receive the dental care that you need. We also offer nitrous/laughing gas which is very safe and great for kids.

Treatment Process

Step 1: At your initial visit to McAllister Dentistry, our team of friendly and understanding dental staff will listen to your concerns and educate you on the various options available to help your visit to the dentist feel more peaceful and relaxing. We will share the various sedation options – including nitrous oxide/laughing gas and oral sedation- available to you during your care.

Step 2: When we have selected your choice of sedation, your appointment will begin with the sedation option prior to your procedure. If you have chosen oral sedation, you will take the pill one hour before your appointment so you are very relaxed when you arrive. You will need a friend or family member to drive you to your appointment. If you have chosen nitrous oxide, it is given just before the appointment begins and at the end of your appointment the effect will be reverted within minutes.

Step 3: When your appointment is complete, remember that you must have a friend or family member drive you home if you have taken oral sedation. If you have chosen nitrous oxide, you will leave feeling completely normal and you do not need anyone to escort you.


  • Reduce dental fear and dental anxiety.
  • Increase peace, calm and trust at the dentist.
  • Provide comfort and safety for extensive and invasive dental procedures such as full mouth reconstruction.

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